Draft, possible trade and FA options

After a little break, I am here again. This year’s draft is gone, we already know the picks and we already saw the „big“ Pats-UDFA group as well. Still there are several questions, which need to be answered by the team. Draft If I want to simplify my opinion about the draft, I would say,Continue reading “Draft, possible trade and FA options”

Different scenarios for the 1st round of the draft

In less than two weeks this year’s draft is here. Making mock drafts is a daily routine for many people nowadays and everyone wants to know who will be the Nr.2, Nr.3, etc pick. The Nr.1 pick is literally 100% sure, if the Jaguars won’t pick Trevor Lawrence, that would be the biggest surprise ofContinue reading “Different scenarios for the 1st round of the draft”

Thoughts on Jimmy G, rookie QBs, medical problems

We are in the middle of the Pro Day season, some of the big schools already had their Pro Days (Alabama had even 2) and we could take a look on some highly talented kids. On the second Pro Day of Alabama, we saw the big men from the 49ers and the Patriots talking toContinue reading “Thoughts on Jimmy G, rookie QBs, medical problems”

Is there a Belichick-masterplan in Foxboro?

On the first day of the legal tampering period I started to write my latest article, but then the news came so fast about the Patriots signings, that I decided to wait until the dust settles. After the last few days it looks like the Patriots is more or less done with actions and weContinue reading “Is there a Belichick-masterplan in Foxboro?”

Roster moves March 12th

Yesterday the Patriots made two very important personal moves. First, they signed Cam Newton for one more year, then shortly after, they signed Justin Bethel for 3 more years. Cam Newton: As Evan Lazar reported, the Patriots asked the 49ers front office about Jimmy G, but they didn’t want to trade him or just laterContinue reading “Roster moves March 12th”